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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - review

Softly softly...
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third installment to the critically acclaimed FPS, action-RPG series by Eidos Interactive and Square Enix.

Set in the cyber-punk style future of 2027, you play Adam Jensen, an ex-cop turned head of security for Sarif Industries. Sarif specialize in human augmentation (genetic & mechanical enhancements) and weapon design.

The company comes under attack by a group of mercenaries early on who kill the top research scientists (including Jensen's ex-girlfriend) and demolish most of the complex, killing Jensen in the process.

Jensen then undergoes a series of extreme augmentations to bring him back and enhance his broken body. Once recovered, he sets out to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

Human Revolution is blessed with a tremendous narrative, rich in twists and many complex characters to keep you guessing. It explores a future where science has enabled mankind to break down the barriers between man and machine, taking a serious view on the problems that this presents.

The game looks fantastic in HD and the environment designers have done a brilliant job in creating a moody yet sleek vision of the future, which clearly pays homage to the film Blade Runner.

However, it's in the gameplay that Deus Ex really shines, giving you absolute freedom over how you play. Fans of gunplay and explosives can go wild - leaving a trail of death and destruction (great fun). For the more patient among you, try your hand at sneaking past enemies, performing silent take-downs, hacking security devices and crawling through air ducts. Whatever your style, Deus Ex will provide you with numerous upgrades and multiple paths to get the job done.
Not all negotiations end peacefully
Upgrades come in the form of body augmentations, which include abilities like temporary invisibility, x-ray vision, super strength (enabling you to punch through walls and throw refrigerators!) and enhanced hacking skills. These can either be bought from LIMB Clinics or gained through skill trees that are unlocked by gaining XP.

Perhaps one minor shortcoming is the lack of guidance or support when upgrading augmentations. This becomes particularly apparent in some of the later boss battles, which without the appropriate skills, can be power-sappingly mundane. These conflicts are also the most linear parts of the game and fly in the face of the flexible ethos that the rest of the game promotes. However, this fault is so insignificant in the scheme of things it's barely worth the mention.

With these minor issues aside, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an amazing game that I have found difficult to put down. With a story full of intrigue and visuals to die for, this truly is next generation gaming at its best. You owe it to yourself to buy Deus Ex. Do it now!

My top tip: Explore as much as you can. There are multiple routes for each mission and hide-y-holes everywhere with new items and upgrades. It is also advisable to complete all the side-quests in order to get your hands on as much XP as possible for augmentations.

My Score: 9/10

Game Reviewed On: XBOX 360 


  1. Hmm, pretty interesting review. Like I said, I wasn't too familiar with this game, other than seeing the recent adverts. Pretty enlightening stuff and I like how detailed it was. I think I may give this game a go. The visuals do look good and being a writer, I like a good atmosphere and ambiance seems apparent in the game as you say.

    I need a belter of a game to wash out the bitter taste in my mouth. The last game I played really depressed me. It was called 'Rogue Warrior' - it was five quid and I had a bit of spare change so I gave it a shot. I'm blaming myself because even the girl at the counter told me not to buy it, saying it was 'the worst game of the current gen.' I thought she was exaggerating . . . and boy she wasn't! What an absolute abomination of a game! I can't believe Bethesda published such crap. I only played thirty minutes of it - after that I snapped the disc in half and threw it in the bin, it was that bad.

    So Deus Ex has a lot of pacifying to do come pay day!

  2. Thanks Nik, most kind. I didn't get to play Rogue Warrior but a colleague said it was only good or some achievement/trophy hunting, and that even then it would tarnish your game account forever more. I'm very much looking forward to the next Bethesda game though...

    I hope you enjoy Deus Ex. It has a lot to offer and fantastic attention to detail. Let me know how you get on. Roll on pay day!

  3. I thought your review was adequate in length due to the brilliance and depth of the game you've described. You clearly enjoyed playing it and the review echoes this fabulously! Well written, excellent descriptions to conjure even a non gamers idea of what it 'feels like' Brilliant!

  4. Aha! your stealth skills did see you through :) eerie you should mention Bladerunner, the same thought hit me as I entered the lobby of Sarif industries at the start of the game. Indeed the graphics are luscious, so much so they completely distracted me from the first mission. Excellent Review. (leaves virtual bottle of wine)

  5. Thanks Elderly Gamer! I suppose to some extent, the storyline mirrors that of Bladerunner, the Augs echoing the Replicants. I too got distracted at the beginning resulting in the death of many hostages and an angry, yet justified, phone call from the boss.

  6. Just spotted your twitter idea for the Social enhancer, now there's a extremely good and most beneficial use of augs... I want! :)

  7. Great review! Totally agree regarding the graphics and Blade Runner influences. I've heard people criticise the artistic style (basically the graphics, especially the NPC models) but I don't understand that viewpoint, especially if you've got the game running on a decent HD TV. I quite liked the fact you have total free-reign on what augs you upgrade first, but yes it can hamper the boss battles. The boss battles being my only minor niggle with the game.

  8. Impressive Gamercard Mr.Sterling!! just reminded me of a set aside treasure Enslaved... sigh... so little time so many games...

    (heads off to get some wine glasses...)

  9. Ah yes, Enslaved. Really enjoy Playing it and I'm a huge fan of the 'journey to the west' story by Wu Cheng'en but have never finished it. There's always another game that takes priority.

    I'll come back to it between Deus Ex and Skyrim!

    Mines a cab :)

  10. You find time to read as well!?

    right I have got to set up a schedule and stick to it...

    (takes note of "journey to the west", pours wine)

    I should have stuck to collecting stamps all those years ago... :(


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