Sunday, 30 October 2011

Batman: Arkham City - review

Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Games' 2009 Game Of The Year.
Arkham City picks up a few months after the events of Arkham Asylum. Quincy Sharp, the former warden of Arkham (now the Mayor of Gotham City) has set up a new inner-city prison, where inmates roam the streets freely. This walled off section of Gotham has been dubbed 'Arkham City'.

In the games opening, we see millionaire Bruce Wayne campaigning against the Arkham City initiative, before he is captured and imprisoned within its walls. Once he has been re-united with his Batsuit and trusty gadgets, Bruce sets off to find out what is going on.

Despite a more open feel, fans of Arkham Asyluum will feel very much at home in Arkham City. Developer Rocksteady have ensured that the game stays true to the series winning formula. 

Hand to hand combat plays a big part with the Dark Knight taking on as many as 20 enemies at a time. Much like its predecessor, the system for brawling is fairly straightforward, with one button to attack, one to counter and one to dodge. However, the variety of combos and counters make combat a joy to behold. So much so, that I often found myself going out of my way, just to pummel groups of enemies.

A crowd this size is no match for the Bat
Arkham City is a sprawling metropolis teeming with enemies, hidden areas and many secrets to uncover. Navigating the city by gliding and using the Batclaw is a lot of fun. You can swoop down on a group of unsuspecting enemies and then disappear back into the night before re-enforcements have time to react.

What's great about this game is that it truly makes you think and feel like Batman, the worlds greatest detective, with all the gadgets and techniques at your disposal. Whether it's tracing a bullets trajectory to sniff out a rogue sniper or using your wits to outsmart the Riddler in his deadly challenges.

Arkham City really stays true to the Batman universe with fantastic lore and back stories, as well as appearances from many of our favourite characters and villains, including some of the more obscure characters like The Mad Hatter, Scarface and Solomon Grundy.
Joker is uglier this time round but no less insane
My only complaint about the game is that, like many, my copy of the game arrived with the Catwoman DLC codes missing. However, after contacting Warner Bros games, they offered apologies and swiftly sent a new code via email.

That small gripe aside, Batman: Arkham City is a fantastic game with excellent characters and tremendous voice talent. Its graphics are very good, with great character models and animations. Most of all though, it offers a sinister and gritty realisation of Gotham City, in which you are the hero. A must have for comic geeks and action fans alike.

My Score: 9/10

Competition Time!
I have a code for the Catwoman DLC (Xbox Only) to give away. For a chance at winning leave a comment on this blog post saying who your favourite villain from Batman comics, films, games etc and why. Be sure to include your email so that I can mail you the code if you win.
Catwomans DLC adds a new perspective and new skills and gadgets
 I will announce a winner on Monday 7th November 2011.


  1. Not sure whether I'm going to be able to get all the Riddler trophies... waaaay too many lol.

  2. Same here. Some of the riddles have me stumped too!

  3. I'm afraid catwoman would be dead by now if her life depended on me, spent aeons climbing gliding, scaling, fighting and on my first encounter with a joker puzzle....stumped :(

    And why do I feel guilty about leaving two face hanging like that?

    Excellent review! :)

  4. Thank you. Think I collected all of the trophies in Asylum but it took me a looong time. Gonna try to do the same in Arkham City.

    I know what you mean about two face, I felt a bit of a git for stomping on the Mad Hatters hat lol

    Happy Halloween! Don't forget to visit the Calendar Man :)

  5. My favorite villain is Scarface... Definitely the most messed up concept in there :)

  6. The Penguin! He is so creepy, and macabre. Especially in the Tim Burton adaptation (Batman Returns). :)

  7. Man I really want Arkham City right now. I was really late to the Asylum train, but loved every second of it.

  8. Happy New year to you and yours! :D


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