Friday, 18 May 2012

Flashback Friday - Chakan: The Forever Man

It's Flashback Friday again, and this week I'm looking back on a Sega MegaDrive (Genesis)game called "Chakan - The Forever Man". 

Chakan is pretty bad ass monster hunter who could give Dante and Van Helsing a pretty good run for their money. He travels from Dimension to dimension defeating Spider Queens and Dragonfly Gods. He is also invincible (thus the "Forever" man), wears a cool hat and duel wields swords. Despite having infinite lives, this game was fiendishly difficult, balancing platforming elements with button bashing combat. I'm not sure I ever got to the end...

One thing I always remember about Chakan, was it's eerie and very well composed soundtrack.

Here's a video for the old fans:

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