Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Xbox Ambassadors - How it works

Greetings readers! This is a quick post to explain a bit about the Xbox Live Ambassador program. I applied to become a member of the Ambassador team well over a year ago and I recently received word that my application had been accepted and that I was invited to join the initiative.

I was of course surprised and delighted, and accepted the invitation instantly. In the section below, I'll explain a little bit about what Xbox Ambassadors do, and how you can get involved.

What's it all about?
Being an Xbox Ambassador is primarily about helping other Xbox users and passing on the bits of knowledge that you have gained since being a LIVE member.

Users will often have issues when using Xbox LIVE, Xbox Kinect, Software or even technical aspects like sound and vision. These sorts of problem can severely inhibit a players enjoyment of the games that they are playing or even the LIVE service that they have spent their hard earned cash on. These issues will some times be easy to resolve (reboot and try again), but more often than not, problems can be quite complex and for newer users, these can be a bit daunting. 

It's an Ambassadors job to gather all the information on an issue and work with the user to resolve it through a series of solutions. 

How do users get in contact with Ambassadors?

Users can get in contact with an Ambassador through:
For those that are unfamiliar with Xbox Ambassador Chat, this is a live chat that takes place through MSN messenger, connecting you directly to one of the Ambassadors that are 'on duty' at the time. Ambassador Chat is the preferred option for users as it is often the quickest way to get an issue resolved.

What if you don't know the answers?

Being an Ambassador does not mean that you are expected to know everything about the world's greatest console. However, the veteran members of the team work really hard to pull together FAQs and lessons learned, which all of the Ambassadors can access. There is also a weekly bulletin highlighting common issues that have arisen and problem trends.

I've found all of this invaluable as a new member and it's great to have a community to fall back on when you are stumped.
What are the rewards for Ambassadors?

Apart from the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping fellow Xbox lovers, Ambassadors can earn several rewards for their dedication to the program. These include MSP (Microsoft money!), exclusive avatar items, access to the private Ambassador forums on and a stats tracker on the official Ambassador Leaderboards.

Want to join?

If you love Xbox and enjoy helping others, why not apply to join the Ambassador program? You can apply here, and when the next round of recruitment takes place, you should get an email to say how you got on.

Best of luck and if you have any questions about being an Ambassador, please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. Reckon they knew what they were doing when they selected you!! :) Excellent taste they've got!

  2. Been meaning to ask what you do as an ambassador... and now I know! Seems quite involving! Well played on getting accepted too!

  3. Cheers guys! It's been good fun so far and although not every member is appreciative of help, the ones that are make up for it 10 fold.


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